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Guinera Curry

Certified Professional (Career) Coach | Certified Life Breakthrough Coach Certified Mental Health Coach | Certified Advance Grief Recovery Specialist Personal Development Engineer | Christian Life Coach

Transformational Speaker | Mentor | Facilitator 

A Bit About Me

Welcome all...I am Guinera, the founder and CEO of Enjoying Life Fully. I am missioned and commissioned to create relationship and space for women, teen girls, and youth to experience a thriving life. It is a privilege and joy to serve clients though a transformational process that impacts their growth and greater satisfaction and harmony in life and pursuit of happiness. 

To ensure clients receive optimum coaching, mentoring, development, training and workshop learnings, and recovery from grief and loss, I actively pursue education and training in mental health, psychological health, career and professional development, and related fields. My existing credentialing includes:

- Certified Professional Life Coach

- Certified Life Breakthrough Coach

- Certified Mental Health Coach

- Certificate in Psychological First Aid

- Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist Certification

- Certified in Mental Health Youth First Aid

- Certified in Mental and Behavioral Health Disorders


Specialization in breakthrough and transformation and behavioral health, grief and loss recovery for adults and youth, and a mentor SME encapsulates the wide scope and diversity of services and specialities.


As a change catalyst and personal redevelopment engineer, my personal and professional mission is to empower and enrich the lives of clients, manifested through the COACH acronym:


C - conquering  O - obstacles A - all  C - clients H - have

Through authentic mentoring, breakthrough life coaching, and transformative life mapping, clients become equipped to identify mission and direction akin to values and expectations, goals and desired trajectory. Through the evidence-based grief and loss recovery program, the focus is to help clients move beyond the pain and begin to heal.


My academic training and experience as a Human Resources professional in the specific areas of recruitment and retention, professional development, and employee relations equipped me for clients seeking breakthrough in career and vocation. Adding experience in Higher Education as a Student Development professional for more than 15 years equips me in the teen girl and youth space, both developmentally and academically.


Besides the previously mentioned credentials, I am a graduate of Rising Tide Capital, an alum of the Devos Urban Leadership Initiative, and completed Pillar College's Winning Women Transformational Leadership Certification Program. It is my privilege to actively engage in serving the community including as Chair of Essex County's ADAPT Interfaith Committee (inclusive of all faiths, beliefs, and spirituality) and Board Member of New Destiny Family Services Center (Paterson NJ) . I am the recipient of ADAPT's 2018 Coalition Member of the Year Award.

It is a pleasure to support, champion, and compliment trajectories and legacies through coaching, mentoring, and life mapping. As a life strategist, you become our priority in the collaborative work of flourishing and thriving in spite of obstacles, mindsets, and debilitations. Together, we can conquer all obstacles with preparation, planning, and perseverance, and design how best for you (or a loved one) to recover from the pain and heal through grief and loss.

Professional Summary

Higher Education Professional

Youth Leader

Program Director

  • Human Resources Professional

    • Employee Relations, Training & Development​

  • Student Development Professional 

    • Personal, social, academic, relational, and intellectual support of students, and influencing, mentoring, and coaching students outside of the classroom

  • Provided opportunities for the youth to socialize and build community in a safe environment.

  • Advocated for and provided opportunities to engage the students and parents. 

  • Communicated in a positive and effective manner with all participants, officials, parents, community members and co-workers.

  • Researched, planned, produced, and implemented programs centered on life skills development for youth.

  • Organized large group discussions to support youth and parents in development.

  • Organized parent meetings and workshops

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