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Cocoon of Care

The cocoon of care is the nurturing wraparound services that meets the wholistic person, addressing the mental, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, physical, intellectual, and environment wellness.  Harmonious and satisfying living leads to thriving and greater fulfillment.

Green and Purple Succulents

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is an alliance and partnership designed to facilitate clients achieving the progress in life desired, thriving. This includes focus on pursuit of goals and aspirations, overcoming debilitating habits and mindsets, discovering purpose, and breaking loose from imitations, fears, and different barriers with the intention to accelerate dreams and intentions to lead a thriving and meaningful life. 


Career Coaching and Career Mapping

Career coaching is a type of occupational coaching relationship that facilitate client achieving career and professional fulfillment while expanding career trajectory by identifying professional goals, diversifying skills and abilities, considering SME opportunities, developing a plan, and overcoming perceived advancement obstacles.


Career mapping is a process in which detailed goals as well as career ambitions are developed with specific benchmarks and accountability.



Mentoring is a length specific trusted partnership whereby knowledge, experience, and wisdom foster growth in an area of focus that leads to transformation as the mentee pursues aspirations.  The mentor provides insight, instruction, and encouragement in the developmental of life skills and tools to expand the mentee's trajectory.


Grief & Loss Recovery

Grief & loss recovery is a method that facilitates someone working through a loss,  while assisting in normalizing and embodying feelings for the duration of the grief process.


Professional techniques are recommended and practiced methods to support in dealing with loss without feeling alone or emotionally distraught is a tenet of the recovery.

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