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Career Coaching & Career Mapping

Career Coaching

As a redevelopment engineer, providing advice, direction, and support to clients, assisting with management of professional journey and work changes in an ever-evolving work-life is priority. The career counseling process supports client's discovery of the work landscape to identify sound career, educational, and life decisions with the optimum career as the goal. The client is engaged in processes that champions their skills, knowledge, abilities, education, and experience with the intention to maximize potential and derive the greatest fulfillment.

Career Mapping

Putting the pieces together for clients' career trajectory, clients are guided through assessment methods to advance within current employment structure or to pivot into new employment sectors and/or structures. Mapping out potential roles and the skills, competencies, experience, and personal characteristics required for vertical progression is key to charting a successful course. Understanding key elements of advancement through different stages of a career are highlighted through the career mapping process, as professional life coach inspires client to climb onward to success! 

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