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Life Coaching

COACH - Conquering Obstacles All Clients Have

Coaching: establishes a partnership to facilitate client's improved quality of life, discovery of passions, identify purpose for living, and break free from imitations, fears, and other obstacles to achieve  goals and life dreams and experience a fulfilling life. Individualized coaching services are for young adult, millennial, and adult women, pre-teen, teen girls, and couples. Life coaching serves to awaken and champion hopes, dreams, and aspirations with a forward view — where client(s) are currently, where client(s) strive to be.


Forming an alliance and accountability relationship inspires the woman, youth, or couple to establish a self-realized path towards flourishing and thriving while formulating personalized strategy and roadmap in various dimensions of life.  Coaching is typically a relationship of specific duration where the focus is on strengthening or eliminating specific behaviors while moving forward in achieving goals, life aspirations, and/or purpose.

As your life coach, we partner in correcting behaviors and habits that detract or sabotage desired goals, aspirations, or performance. Most of us need a coach if we want to achieve huge success—someone to challenge us when we want to quit and cheer us on toward victory. Enjoying Life Filly’s coaching strategies and focus will facilitate growth in all dimensions of life—personal, mental, emotional, relational, financial, spiritual, professional, wholistic wellness, and more!  Coaching is incredibly valuable in providing developmental support and  facilitating immediate improvement in areas of focus.

Teen & Young adult women

( Ages 16-25 )

Adult Women

( Age 26+ )

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