Founder / CEO

Guinera, the founder and CEO of Enjoying Life Fully is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Mental Health Coach,  and holds Certificate in Psychological First Aid with specialization in breakthrough and transformation and behavioral health. Guinera also holds certification in Mental Health Youth First Aid. Individualized coaching services are for women, pre-teen, teen girls, and couples. Life coaching serves to awaken and champion hopes, dreams, and aspirations with a forward view — where client(s) are currently, where are client(s) striving to be. Forming an alliance and accountability relationship inspires the woman, youth, or couple to establish a self-realized path towards flourishing and thriving while formulating personalized strategy and roadmap in various dimensions of life. As a change catalyst and personal redevelopment engineer, Guinera is personally missioned to empower and enrich the lives of clients, evidenced through the COACH acronym (C - conquering A - all O - obstacles C - clients H - have). Through authentic mentoring, breakthrough life coaching, and transformative life mapping, clients become equipped to identity mission and direction akin to values and expectations, goals and desired trajectory. Her academic training and experience as a Human Resources professional in the specific areas of recruitment and retention, professional development, and employee relations equips her for clients seeking breakthrough in career and vocation. Her experience in Higher Education as a Student Development professional equips her in the teen girls space, both developmentally and academically. Besides academic credentials, Guinera is a graduate and ambassador of Rising Tide Capital, an alum of the Devos Urban Leadership Initiative, and completed Pillar College's Winning Women Transformational Leadership Certification Program.  Guinera is also actively engaged in serving the community, including Chair of Essex County ADAPT Interfaith Committee and Board Member of New Destiny Family Services Center. She is the recipient of ADAPT's 2018 Coalition Member of the Year Award.


Janelle is an adventurous, business-minded young woman. Her number one driving force is empowering people to respond to their calling by pursuing their purpose in life. She graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting and is currently pursuing her Masters in Divinity at Drew University. Janelle works as a Financial Specialist at a large financial institution and leads occasional financial empowerment workshops for local communities. She has served as a Youth Minister, led a youth liturgical dance ministry and women’s dance ministry for over four years.  In her younger years, Janelle was an active youth leader in Newark, New Jersey for over 15 years. Her hobbies include trying diverse restaurants, exploring/traveling, and Latin dancing. Through her personal and profession experience, she shares a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to daily life. For the past three years, Janelle has been exploring life with her husband. She enjoys her life fully by spending time outdoors, traveling to new destinations, learning new things, trying new recipes and spending time with her family and friends. She thanks God for all of the opportunities afforded to her and desires to continue to give back and share with others. Janelle is looks forward to the future and what else God has in store!


Bridshae, an empathetic young woman, who brings a relevant perspective and organic approach to the work of ELF. Bridshae is a head teacher at a Montessori school, with future plans to further her education in early childhood. Bridshae a native “Jersey Girl,” was born and raised in northern New Jersey and is a mom to a vivacious toddler. With her life experiences in tow, she lives a confident life: that all things are possible. Her authenticity and compassion is contagious. She strives to be the best parent she can be while prioritizing and balancing the many aspects of life. She enjoys music, fashion, painting, the beach, international travel, and socializing with family and friends. She knows all too well, how to enjoy life fully.


Gianna is a beautiful giver and soul. She believes in authenticity, values her faith, and cherishes her family and friends. With her outgoing, people loving personality, her outlook on life is full of positivity, integrity and centered on serving others. Gianna values the stories that young women hold and aims to serve them through her own past and present life experiences. One of those life experiences is her journey through motherhood. Gianna is a single mother to a beautiful toddler girl, and strives to make sure her daughter's life is full of opportunity while creating the best life and legacy for the both of them. She thanks God for all of her accomplishments! In January 2019 she became more independent, securing her own apartment that she shares with her daughter. She was praying for the last 5 years for living arrangements. Alongside Gianna's status as a mom and volunteer, she is a full-time hair stylist/apprentice at a high-end boutique. Gianna enjoys her life fully through spending time with loved ones, hitting the beach, going on adventures and traveling when she can.

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