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Have you ever been having such a good time and then realize it’s time to go? As a child, playing with a friend outside and then mom says “it’s time to come in...” Or out getting your dance on, and the lights flicker meaning it’s time to go. Or chatting it up and the other person says, “let me let you go...” Or it’s been four years, and graduation is here — time to enter next chapter of life. Or a loved one leaves this earthly place, and moving forward feels like leaving a familiar place...Time to Go!

2018! Go? Going is moving from one place to another, the forward mobility towards a destination or act of moving towards thought, action, intention, and space, proceed, make one's way. Go?

2018 is the next page of life, the next scene in the star studded movie of life. The main character (you/me) of this “thumbs up” “Emmy winning” film is at the crossroad. Go? Where are we going?

Before moving forward reflection on where I’ve come from is necessary. The year was a year of transformation in my person, letting “go” of some identities stalling my “going” forward in the plans and purposes of my life. Chalked with tough decisions, life altering decisions plagued me often. Spending time in prayer, fasting, staying in the Word, and surrounding myself with cheerleaders and accountability partners lightened the burning burden of "Go."

In 2017, my playground and playmates changed. Translation: the career and colleagues of over 15 years ended in response to a “Go.” Huh? “Go!”

Last year (funny how it sounds so long ago 😉) was a year of relinquishing the comfort of familiarity in how I lived life, emotionally, relationally, spiritually, financially, and physically. “Go!” I felt like Joshua, in the sense of being told to “go” when the road before me appeared so magnimus and daunting. Yet now I feel equipped, assured, and excited to “Go!”

The necessity to embrace “Going” is pounding as everyone is talking resolutions, resolves, goals, big 10 for ‘18, new ways, vision, purpose...what’s my reality? As you and I reflect on our individual “Go” for 2018, allow Joshua 1 to propel you forward, be the resounding foundation from Abba Father to usher the mobility:

- Joshua 1:5b “ will never leave or forsake” us (peace, comfort, assurance, confidence)

- Joshua 1:6a “be strong and courageous” (empowering, boldness, strength)

- Joshua 1:8b “ meditate on it day and night...then you will be prosperous and successful” (prayer, contemplation, planning, vision, reflection, trusting the process, promise)

- Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous” (repeat, God knew we would need that reinforcement - His Love!)

- Joshua 1:9b “Lord God will be with you wherever you ‘Go’” (permanent companionship, promise, leaning on and leaning in)

No mater which verse speaks most to the “Go” of 2018, the very thing that each of us individually were created to do, the very lives we are called to influence and impact, the necessary forgiveness we must initiate, giving ourselves permission to reset or establish boundaries in relationships, releasing and relinquishing any idols in our lives (I dare not list ☺️ ) ... whatever the “Go”, wherever the "Go", lets just “Go”!! Boldly, with courage, with fortitude, with tenacity, with confidence! Just as Joshua was prepared under the leadership and tutelage of Moses, we too have been equipped for such a season as this!

And if you don't have a "Go" just yet, if you are still asking God and life to orchestrate the "Go" or if you just don't see it, get ready! I have a purpose, you have a purpose, and our lives are in best harmony with His will when we are moving towards that destiny.

Let’s “GO!”

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