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Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

Yellow brick road, path to purpose paved, experiencing fulfillment and joy as life is a bowl of cherries! Yeah, that’ the hook. That’s what we are fed, that’s the propaganda. What say you?

When I think of life and the story of Dorothy on her journey to acceptance, fulfillment, joy, her dreaming is synonymous with my journey, and dare I suggest yours too!

Life and society hands us the glass is half full and off we go. Chugging along until faced with conflict in our dreams, vision, or passion. Dorothy fell into a subconscious to learn how to navigate her path, however most of the time, I was knee deep into what was my next step.

The ambiguous stage of feeling alone as I charted life (at least Dorothy had Toto), as the road widened and destination (achievement and purpose) appeared too far off in the distance. The view and landscape convoluted the reality, yet I was captivated with the habitual languishing. Even before reaching the absence of intellect and capacity (Scarecrow), I hopped off the “yellow brick road” simply because the wooded areas and the prickly plane felt more like where I desired to wallow. Experiencing the thorns of life became comfortable, the setbacks and disappointments were common, and perseverance was overrated. My “normal” included accepting the burn of broken family relationships, isolation, self-condemnation, and self-talk that convinced me to depend only on me.

Well as I entered into my 20’s here comes my Scarecrow…a passion for learning, growing, and developing. Although college fed some of that, my satisfaction came more in learning about people – how and why we react and are living the lives we do. In hindsight, it was more than my curiosity, it was preparation. My desire for life-learning piqued and my appetite quickened towards an understanding and awakening of my soul…I wanted to know more and understand more about who I am, why am I here, and what I am purposed to do.

Then comes the Tin-Man…for me, it was confronting my heartlessness and encampment behind walls that no one could penetrate. I am not proud to share this however it is my truth. I didn’t like people, didn’t know or care to love, have compassion, or empathy. I saw people as vehicles – a means to get where I needed to be. Many potentially great friendships and acquaintances were casualties of this season of my life. So much so, I found great joy in having a black heart tattooed on my body. I was proud to show the world how guarded and strong I was, so I thought. My Tin Man was not a literal, physical Tin Man. The poking and prodding of the Holy Spirit began to tear down those walls, and give me a new heart, a heart not of stone. Kicking and bucking was I! Yet the refinement of the oil in the joints...oh but for the oil!

And then comes the Lion, the courage and bravery to forgo my comfort zone, to step into the arena and sphere that I was created for! Can I share that my false attempt at strength was fleeting. The only way the shackles would break, was my taking giant leaps of faith towards the promise of knowing I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Fearfully – huh? Yeah, the breakthrough of accepting that God sees me, loves me, forgives me, accepts me, redeems me, believes in me, defends me, protects me, and graces me! Yup, that was the most incomprehensible aspect of my journey on the “yellow brick road.” There isn’t enough space to convey every reason why He should not, yet He does. And guess what? So it is for you!

My Oz, my Wiz, is my God! My Kansas is the perpetual Holy Spirit that occupies every space where I am. I am connected in the spiritual realm to my purpose and His plans for my life, elevating my intellect and brain capacity to process beyond what I see. To know there is greater.

My oil to continually ensure I don’t rust and my heart doesn’t become dark or absent is daily time with God. The saturation of His Word upon my soul and spirit does me well. Marinating on His promises transforms and renews me daily.

And because He promises, Fear Not for I am with you, I can do all things! Nothing is impossible for me, according to His plans and purposes. I am stepping into the arenas and zones of the unknown. I am confident that the strength within me, is not of my own accord; my strength, my fortitude, my bravery is because He is for me, and when He is for me, who can be against me?

And clicking of the heels, yup did that too! There's no place like home, for He formed me in the innermost parts, in the womb of my mother. Home is with Him! Still clicking...


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