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In a world where everything is filtered, it can be hard to find one’s voice. It can be hard to find the courage when it comes to speaking your/mine/our truth without feeling the need to “filter” what is shared. I can personally attest to the fear of sharing without feeling the need to add a filter simply. Which is because of not wanting to be judged or even misunderstood. As I’ve knocked down the door of my Blooming 30’s, as I call it (lol), I have found that life is best when it isn’t filtered. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not at all implying that you should strut around without disregard to the world. When I speak of being #unfiltered, I speak of owning who God has made you to be with flaws and all.

Walking in Your Truth

Have you ever snapped 20 million, of course I’m over exaggerating, selfies while trying to find the right filter? We’ve all been there. In a way, we’re saying that we aren’t good enough to share who we are filter free. But why should we filter who we are when God has confirmed our identity of who we are in Him? It is here that I find that our boldness plays such a pivotal role. The kind of boldness that only comes with the prompting and leading by the Holy Spirit. Helping us to ultimately walk boldly in our truth without fear. It is in our courage to boldly embrace who we are fully that we shut the door to fear. So then, sharing your story becomes easier. Sharing your gifts becomes easier. And sharing the totality of who you are as a person becomes easier.

Flaws and All

The funny thing about the things we view as flaws, are sometimes the very things others admire about us. That’s the beauty of who we are as individuals. We all have a story, we all have a flaw, and we all have our own truth. There is so much beauty in owning all of that. I will admit that it has taken me some time to be unapologetic about who God has made me to be. However, I’m learning that each day is another day to discover your true self. A constant learning process, that is fun. If we don’t shy away from it.

What makes you want to edit who you are for the world? I challenge you to think about this and to really seek God to show you the version of you he sees. That version my dear, is beautiful. It is #unfiltered. You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you (Song of Solomon 4:7).


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