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Superwoman aka Perfect Woman

In the words of Alicia Keys,

“Even when I'm a mess I still put on a vest With an S on my chest Oh yes I'm a Superwoman”

How heavy is the task of being woman, never mind Superwoman, in 2018? Often times I am plagued by the ever-escalating standards to be “super” or perfect at everything. It’s so tiring and exhausting; don’t you just want to be you? I just want to be me!

Subscribing to the idea of superwoman, often takes on this likeness:

  • Taking care of business

  • Managing meals and the home maintenance

  • Maintaining an exercise and wellness routine

  • Earning and spending with future in mind

  • Keeping in contact with family and friends

  • Socializing for business and personal relationships

  • Remaining verse in politics, societal trends, and personal interests by reading and educating self

  • And if a wife and mother, adding another 200+ roles, for the wellness and roundedness of child(ren) and covenant with husband

  • Identified tangible models of womanhood that I emulate

Ladies, ladies, do we do it? We each have our unique ways of balancing the numerous and at times conflicting roles as a woman. What is most important to you in maintaining balance: Mental health? Care for others? Earning? Climbing the career ladder? The first or next home? Driving the ____ (insert brand name here) car/SUV? Keeping up with the Carters? Legacy? Do you outsource and resource some of the traditional roles associated with womanhood?

When I find myself in “superwoman” mode, I am grateful for self-awareness pausing me in the process and reminding me to change the tape/reel/song. The tape/reel/song is the inner voice and spirit that drives me recklessly towards a status and level that is unachievable. Taking captive those thoughts and images, often fueled by social media, entertainment, and comparison, exposes the treasures buried inside of me.

Multi-taking just doesn’t work, with results of excellence on all fronts. I’ve learned to “level-up” in certain areas at different times. I no longer burden myself with “5-star” ratings every day in every area of my life. It’s beyond my capacity, and research has proven so.

Living well, self-care, and soul-care have taken center stage as my emotional, mental, physical, and psychological wellness will garner the personal growth, and purpose centered living I desire.

Here’s a few actions I took:

  • Decluttered my life (physically and mentally)

  • Created space for me to flourish

  • Reset boundaries in finances, relationships, and time

  • Prioritize my self-care

  • Maintain a spirit of gratitude through journaling

  • Daily time with God, maintaining spiritual aptitude

  • Changed my self-talk

  • Give generously

  • Be kind to myself

Yup, no rocket science here, no quick gimmick, or fix it quick pill. My reality! My story and I am sticking with it! Keeps me sane, keeps me balanced, keeps my passion flowing, and I feel good! I am enjoying life fully! I am a masterpiece, uniquely designing my story!

Recognizing my lens may is not your lens, share what works for you. How do you stay above the current, keeping it together? Inquiring minds want to know…share below!

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