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2019: Ready? Set? Go!


The best way to kickoff 2019 is to invest in OURSELVES! Equipping ourselves with the tools (gifts) that will facilitate our dreams, aspirations, and goals becoming reality and legacy is the New Year Plan! It’s time to RISE UP, experience vibrancy and happiness, while breaking old habits, checking what’s under the surface, and begin to move past that which has stalled us or created stagnation in life! Believe in incremental breakthrough in everyday moments! Upgrade life in mindset and allow life lessons to serve as building blocks to brilliantly achieve your next! Here are some keys to increasing your peace and joy while being free to be (enjoying life fully)…

  • Motivation – Every one of us require ongoing motivation and encouragement. Face it, life is filled with lots of obstacles and hiccups along the way. When we give ourselves a daily dose of motivation and devotion, we walk through life differently. Out self-talk and self-though is healthier the whole year through and we experience deeper gratitude!!

  • Clarity – We often get stuck on the same ole issue, challenge, situation, or habit. We may be filling stuck as we create the plan for 2019. There is a myriad of choices and decisions every day, every moment. Choices and decisions stem from our moral base (personal values and belief), self-talk, mindset, and spiritual aptitude. Sometimes it’s just hard to know the right decision or next step. Decide to re-evaluate and prioritize what’s important, to purge and limit the environmental and social noise to gain quick clarity. Create pickets of daily time to reflect, be still, pray, and journal to experience clarifying moments. Doing so will power us up and experience greater inner peace!

  • Roadmap – Speaking of too many choices, have you ever tried traveling to a new destination with no GPS? Nope, It can’t be done, well at least not in a reasonable amount of time. The reason we often languish or wander is lack of direction or not feeling purpose driven. If I’ve never been where I am headed, the destination won’t be immediately viewable. Invest in yourself by creating a clear, step-by-step roadmap or blueprint of your desired life path and trajectory. It will be fun and once you’ve mapped it out, you can incorporate a timeline and other benchmarks towards achievement.

  • Strategy – It’s strange, but going from point A to point Z, even with a GPS (roadmap or life blueprint) isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 3. That’s because it’s not just about where you are going but how you are going to get there. We need strategy that is strengths-based. Know what works best for you yet be open to sharpening your tool box and growing! For me, at times that has required taking a course, seeking guidance from mentor or coach, and allowing trusted folds to speak into my development. Learn your success qualities and implement! Our purpose, life journey, and destiny is way too important to use a hit or miss approach, so invest in sound, strengths-based strategies and watch your life soar.

  • Systems – I LOVE systems, ways of being and doing life. It is an essential foundation for lasting success. There’s no one way or one size that fits all. Help yourself identify and invest in few key systems that will work tirelessly, flawlessly, and inexpensively behind the scenes, and you’ll multiply the impact of everything you do. It may be resourcing or outsourcing tasks, role or responsibilities. It may be soliciting participation from family and friends. It may manifest in establishing an accountability alliance, forming a mentoring relationship or engaging coaching services. Something as simple as using a “planner” or “calendar” as the driver of your days (one of my systems). Take some time to consider what new system, resource, or way of being will significantly improve the outlook on life and greatly leverage the impact of what you do!

  • Companions – The African Proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” In other words, never travel alone. And in this case, don’t expect to grow or experience a fulfilling life alone. Of course, you probably want to go fast and far, and that’s okay. If you are self-motived, self-driven, type A personality (clears throat), this will be challenging. Calling our own shots in how we move and be is invigorating. If we want to catapult to next level, seeing ourselves with new lens and through the lens of trusted and vetted others, will bear much fruit! . Be sure you tackle the journey with like-hearted, like-minded peers and friends. Community is necessary!

  • Fun – The average person will spend 90,000 hours life working. And if you’re an entrepreneur, it may be even more. Whatever strategies and steps you plan to take in 2019, be sure to infuse them with tons of good old-fashioned fun and self-care. Recreating, rejuvenating, and relaxing is the fuel that propels us along with motivation, clarity, and strategy. Our ability to enjoy life and what we do has prominence when we have applied our oxygen mask (taking care of ourselves first)! Get to having fun! Mediocre living is not acceptable! Make it a big rock; prioritize emotional, mental, and physical wellness!

  • Wisdom – As Common says, “ takes the wisdoms of the elders...” Life is moving too fast to figure it out on the fly. Family, friends, community members, and thousands of coaches, mentors, and thought-leaders have gone before us. Their experience and learnings (aka wisdom), are stepping stones to better, and maybe even smoother ways to our goals and aspirations. Save time and avoid setbacks!. Don’t be afraid to FAIL (first attempt in learning); recycle to gain knowledge and level up! Use the wisdom of those around you and identify key people

  • Coaching – For almost every goal, coaching will help us achieve with tools, strategy, wisdom, and systems in our tool box. Coaching sets us in the right direction and identifies the change towards the freedom in that area. Coaching is transformative. And as a coach, I engage coaching services. It is a way of recharging and remaining focused on where I desire to be in various areas of life. You decide what area to focus on. f you’ve never been coached (sports, training, music, etc.), then give it a go! The New Year is here, a great time to engage a coach to form an alliance in achieving your goals. Imagine inspiration when obstacles arise and accountability in realistically setting timeline! It’s a win-win!

  • Vision - A compelling vision will change life and lives influence! Having vision often takes us out of our comfort zone into a space and place to thrive, grow, and excel! Fan that vision into a roaring flame in 2019! Let’s go HIGH!! It’s time to LEVEL UP! Onward and upward. Dedicated and directed time and space to tap into God’s vision and your personal aspirations is the right direction! You’ll be glad you did. Spend the time capturing the vision to stay focused, on target, and to hit the mark! Manifest those dreams to reality!

To make this fun and achievable, prioritize five of these self-gifts that will garner the best in you. Then apply one weekly!! Help is just a text, phone call, or email away! Let’s get to doing what we love and were created to do!

This is your year!

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