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LOVE - What We All Need

What’s the greatest need? Pause...

I’m anticipating absent any framing of the question, our list of needs may include life sustaining needs, tangible items, and eventually neighbor into our intrinsic needs.

With February being a month of focus on love and change makers in Black history, this month’s blog is dedicated to LOVE! Incorporating the history framework of February, leading change requires sacrifice with belief and betterment evidenced through compassion (Enjoying Life Fully’s core value) and LOVE: LOVE that scales greater than for oneself! LOVE that is sacrificial and forward focused.

When reviewing statistics regarding LOVE, which is often manifest through life satisfaction and happiness, about 70% of us acknowledge “feeling loved” on a daily basis. Is that alarming, impressive, or unrealistic? When we hear or are fed so much about hate and dissatisfaction many of us may form our own opinion about LOVE…

As humans (I hope we can all agree we are humans - great starting point), we are created with the deepest need of LOVE! Different types of LOVE, yet it remains fleeting!

Fleeting in our relationships

Fleeting in our humanity

Fleeting in our families

Fleeting within ourselves

Let’s acquaint ourselves with the various forms of love and in doing so, reflect upon those that are evident in our lives and then those that require attention and effort on our part! Let’s make this world a better place through LOVE!

PHILAUTIA - self love

  • unconditional self acceptance

  • appreciation and empathy for oneself

PRAGMA - realistic and practical love

  • think rationally and realistically about expectations in relationships

  • find value in relationships and work within relationship to reach a common goal

  • weighing the cost and rewards of a relationship

  • views sex in a relationship as a reward or means of procreation, viewing marriage and children as liabilities and assets

STORGE - love as friendship or companionship

  • love develops slowly

  • grows out of mutual understanding, rapport, respect, companionship, sharing, and concern

  • not characterized by high levels of ecstasy and excitement, but is a solid, stable, enduring love

  • give and take, compromising, constructive problem solving within relationships

  • affectionate love, the type of love one might have for family or a spouse

PHILIA - friendship

  • love and loyalty between friends

  • non-sexual in nature

  • feelings of warmth and affection toward another person

AGAPE - sacrificial love

  • act of will, more than a feeling

  • most powerful, noblest type of love

  • Godly love (represented by Jesus going to the Cross)

  • faithfulness, commitment

  • lofty moral nature and strong character

EROS - passionate, romantic love

  • intense and passionate

  • share everything and desires to know everything about the loved one

  • idealizes spouse/partner

  • experience “falling in love”

Now our personal challenge, what love am I most comfortable with? Which love do I need to deepen? Which love has occupied my life in a way that has hindered my experiencing harmony? What love may I transfer

As we reflect upon our goals and aspirations for 2019, perhaps even resetting as February flew by, add one type of love to your ongoing development and aspirations!

And if adventurous, consider the basis for your learning love (e.g, was there a model of healthy Philia love growing up?) and begin to break and move past the generational examples. Adapt your mindset and behavior to alter your trajectory and the legacy of those you influence and LOVE!

Comments and perspectives are welcome! Drop us a comment!

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