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The Snap Back!

The Snap Back!

2020 is knocking loud and hard! It’s time to snapback! As a child and teenager, I remember playing with rubber bands and stretching to capacity. It was fun to extend to the furthest point with the hope of not reaching the breaking point. Living on the edge for real! When the band retracted or snapped back, the sound was popping -- distinct and alarming, startling. A certain amount of distress was attributed at hearing the pop and snap, accompanied by a sting if it was handheld during the snap back. Even without observing the action, there was a visual image associated with hearing the sound. A life snap back is similar: expanding to capacity only to retract, or break, at some point, generally after an uncomfortable realization or worse, an experience that causes an “Ouch”. Yes, I am saying OUCH! And grateful I'm not broken!

After a blogging hiatus, I am snapping back, while clapping back LOL! Life’s elasticity hasn't always matched my perceived expanse. The clapping back is to my own mindset, self-talk, and governing thoughts! With a very full life as most women have (expanding family, back in school, ministry, professional and entrepreneurship endeavors and growth, and serving community -- all good stuff from my perspective), my priorities took a dive competing for first place and my life lacked the harmonious living I desired. Sacrificing my opportunity to transparently and authentically convey thoughts, growth, and living, periodically reduced my strength, courage, and living as my best life. So before 2020 rings in, I decided I was going to SNAP BACK!, not awaiting “Happy New Year” or the formulation of my vision board as motivation; I am going to proactively regain the steering and relinquish the auto-pilot status.

I am starting with my creative space, and dare I say space of restoration. Blogging and journaling are natural outlets for me to experience breakthrough, peace, and reflection. How was I not aware that the sacrifice would wane so heavily? I did know, however that self-talk and justification got the best of me. The gap between my mental and emotional voice verses my wellness priorities grew exponentially. Thankfully, rash course averted. With you as my witness (and dare I say, accountability partners) I am recommitting to a blogging cycle of once per month, and journaling weekly, hoping that my way of processing and expressing will empower, inspire, equip, and enrich readers!

May I ask you to join me on this journey? What is the one creative or expressive outlet that you tabled in 2019, which reawakening and reactivating today through 2020, will glean greater peace, vibrancy, and inspiration for you? Just for you! I’ll use my lens expecting you to use yours.

I say just for you because as much as I will share my thoughts, everyday moments, and life lessons, this is for me. As one of my mentors (yes, I am a mentor and am a mentee, just as I am a certified professional life coach and have coaches) reminded me, knowing what fuels my scaffolding in life is only beneficial if activated. Clarity is so divine!

The mindset shift is no longer categorizing my journaling and blogging as a task, it is my abstract to paint via a curated forum to share widely. That’s it! It’s about me creating the space to move past task-oriented thinking, to understanding the freedom to see myself and journaling/blogging with new eyes – eyes of power, change, and breakthrough! I’m not standing still. I am determined to create a stimulating space whereby I can grow organically, through the gift of writing. And I want to be accompanied by each and every one of you on this journey.

So seatbelt fastened, I’m ready for 2020: the year of focus and flight! Who’s going with me? Let’s soar together. Kick old habits and ways of being to the curb, and ignite (or as in my case, reignite) what brings beautiful brilliancy and expression to your life. You decide how to be your personal best from this very moment forward! The pursuit of happiness and feeling good is the bar!

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