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Cocoon of Care is a combination of Coaching, Mentoring, and Grief & Loss Recovery.

Mentoring is a long-term connection in which the focus is on assisting the mentee's growth and development. 

The mentor is a source of insight, instruction, and encouragement, but not someone who watches and advises on specific acts or behavioral adjustments in daily life.


Mentees improve their thinking skills, become more open to forming values that are similar to those of prominent adults in their lives, accept advise and direction, and transform their lives.

Grief & loss counseling is a treatment that helps a person work through a loss in order to help them normalize and embrace their emotions during the grief process.

Professional strategies are suggested and practiced to provide the tools and support needed to cope with loss without feeling alone or emotionally distraught, moving towards reconnecting to life and fulfillment uniquely.

provides a partnership to assist clients in improving their quality of life, discovering their interests, determining their purpose for existence, and breaking free from imitations, fears, and other obstacles in order to realize their goals and aspirations and live a meaningful life. 

Young adult, millennial, and adult women, as well as pre-teen and teen girls, and couples, can benefit from personalized coaching. 

With a forward vision — where client(s) are now, where client(s) strive to be — life coaching works to awaken and promote goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Career coaching is a service that assists people in determining the best career path for them.


Career coaches assist you in comprehending your options and weighing the pros and cons of difficult professional decisions

Career Mapping is a tool that provides unique, data-driven information to individuals on the verge of determining their career pathways, allowing them to develop the jobs that are right for them.

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