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Life Mapping


Life Mapping is a process that:

- helps you understand where you are by thinking about where you've been, in relation to where you want to go next.

- is a timeline, identifying significant occurrences in life, contributing to where you are along with fueling your desires, aspirations, and goals.


Life mapping facilitates overcoming past defeats, apprehending the present, and steering the future. With an alliance in discovering passion, gifts, and callings, creating and developing a Personal Life Map provides clients with the blueprint: concrete strategies for achieving the life they were created to lead, leave behind what has limited their upward mobility, and set the path towards contentment in major areas of life by:

• Intentionally carving out a specific time to reflect on
 Personal Life Map 
• Prune personal portfolio to align with desired life aspirations
and achievements
• Embrace the desired life and establish benchmarks to actualized reality
• Stewarding time, resources, and talent with Personal Life Map as governing document.

For anyone who has ever wondered about life purpose and/or direction, a Personal Life Map will generate answers to the question and guide clients to understanding vision and achieving life mission. Life Mapping is a revolutionary vehicle and transformative process to get client on the road towards a brighter future.

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