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How You Doin'?

How You Doin’?

It’s June…can you believe it? I literally feel as though I was just working on my vision board and clarifying my word for the year, while setting goals and strategy. And here I am, we are, at the mid-point of 2019!

So I am a firm believer in finessing our time, so let’s check in with each other regarding our dimensions of wellness. Mental Health Awareness month just concluded and although our mental health and wellness is a critical component to our overall wellness, let’s broaden the spectrum to attend to ourselves holistically. And in attending to ourselves, let’s be kind, yet vulnerable and transparent in where we can grow, improve, or change.

The format for this blog will be posing questions to ourselves, for our contemplation and eventual personal assessment to catapult us forward towards our dreams, aspirations, goals, and life purpose. Realistically, use the 1-10 value to indicate how well you are in that particular dimension, with one reflecting complete help is needed as nothing is well in that area, conversely ten reflecting a sense of wholeness and there isn’t any development, growth, or investment required. Again, this is personal, so honesty about the harmony or disharmony will further the breakthrough and transformation desired.

I welcome receiving your comments and engaging with you as you chart your wellness. Here we go!

Self-Image: What do you think of your abilities? Is love and respect for yourself constant? Do you appreciate yourself? Is celebrating yourself and self-care routine?

Spiritual: How connected are you to your beliefs? What satisfaction is derived from your spiritual life? How does your spiritual life connect with your morals and values?

Personal Growth: How much are you investing in your personal growth? Are you satisfied with the direction? How do new experiences, new learnings, and new pursuits compliment your personal growth?

Contribution: How would you rate your contribution to society, community, and other spheres of influence? How would others rate your compassion in contributing to the betterment of others?

Recreation & Fun: Is life enjoyed fully and how do you make it fun? What level of satisfaction are you deriving from your level of engagement in hobbies or fun?

Love: Is feeling loved constant? How often are you expressing love to others? Are you loved as you desire to be loved?

Family: How supportive is your family? How do you support your family? Do the relationships in your family create legacy levels of care for one another?

Social & Friends: How supportive are your friends? Are the levels of engagement with friends and socializing satisfactory and fulfilling? How do you support your friends?

Health & Fitness: How physically healthy are you? Does your level of fitness satisfy you? Does your eating habits and diet reflect the health and fitness desired?

Finance & Wealth: How’s your earning satisfying your current needs? Do you regularly consider financial future and growth in wealth when expending money or grappling with large purchases? Do you have an investment strategy?

Business, Career & Studies: Are you where you charted yourself in business, entrepreneurship, or career? Is your professional trajectory on course?

Now, if you are like me, there’s some revelations that just happened and introspection that requires deeper evaluation. I will spend the next week reassessing and realigning so that my lower ranked dimensions will become priorities as I desire to create greater harmony in my overall wellness. Thankfully, I am not a one in any dimension, yet there is work to be done! Knowing thyself will greatly inspire lasting change in living and being while allowing bad and old habits to die! Simply put!

Feel free to use the comment section below to share your assessment and strategy in creating a more harmonious wellness. Or contact us for support and mapping your dimensions of harmony.

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